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Sora jumped up from his seat as the bell rang in the final class of the day. He walked out into the school hallway, making his way to his locker. He came to a halt at the end of the hall, and put in the combination. The locker door popped open, and swung out slightly. Sora pulled the door open the rest of the way and grabbed his backpack from it, stuffing all his books inside so he could study later.

"Hey, Sora." A familiar voice rang from beside of him.

"Oh, hey Riku!" Sora smiled, closing his locker. "What's up?"

"The sky," Riku teased with a smile, "Isn't it obvious?"

Sora rolled his eyes. "Aw, c'mon Riku, stop teasing me," he groaned.

"No promises." Riku smirked. "Hey, wanna go get some sea-salt ice cream?"

"Sure," Sora said, "Just let me get changed into something more comfortable and I'll meet you at the ice cream shop at 4:00pm."

"Alright," Riku began, "I'll go chan--"

"Did someone say sea-salt ice cream!?" A voice interrupted as a blonde, spiky-haired boy ran up. He was in his normal outfit, a white checkered shirt and tan pants with a bit of gray. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle at the mention of ice cream. "Where!? When!?"

Riku slid his hand slowly down his face, sighing. "Roxas, where else besides the ice cream shop is sea-salt ice cream availible? Use common sense once in a while," Riku stated, rolling his sapphire eyes. "As for the time, 4:00pm."

"Don't you dare bring Axel," Sora added, "I don't want his hot temper around when it comes time to chill out."

"Aww, can't Axel come? Please?" Roxas whined, wanting his friend to be allowed to join them.

Riku eyed Sora slowly. Sora glanced back at him and sighed. "Fine, bring Axel if you want." Sora finally agreed.

Roxas immidiately smiled and raced down the hall, coming back with Axel. "C'mon, no time to waste, Axel!"

Axel glared at Roxas. "No time to waste to do WHAT, exactly?

"Get ice cream!" Roxas exclaimed excitedly.  

"Alright then, we'll all meet at four. See you guys then!" Sora began to walk off when Axel stopped him.

"Aren't you forgetting to invite a certain someone?" He smirked.

"... Oh yeah, I should invite Kairi! I'll tell her on my way home." Sora raced off to find Kairi, throwing the school doors open. "Kairi!" He yelled, galloping up to her.

"Yeah?" Kairi asked, with a gentle smile.

"We're all gonna go get ice cream in about half an hour," He began, looking at his watch. "Wanna come with us?"

"Sure," Kairi said, "Ice cream sounds nice." She then walked off silently. "See you in a little while, Sora!"

Chapter 1 of my new Kingdom Hearts fanfics, You'll Be In My Heart

Chapter 2: Coming Soon!
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November 26, 2012
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